Mass Media Effects on the Society

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Mass Media Effects

Part 1

Mass media is an effective way of communicating with people living in different geographical regions of the world and engaged in different occupations. Mass media effects on society are phenomenal.

Media is known to be the most powerful means of communication. The print media, electronic media and the Internet are all the subsets of mass media. The newspapers, newsletters, magazines and brochure are included in the print media, while the electronic media comprises of the television, radio and other modes of communication. Internet is without doubt the fastest known way of communicating with millions of people across the globe. However, the effects of mass media on society can be positive as well as negative. Let us discuss them in detail in the next few paragraphs.

Mass Media Effects on the Society

The best thing about the mass media is, that it immediately provides us with the latest information about the things happening around us. Mass media reports news from all the fields such as politics, sports, international relations, wars, natural calamities, meetings, entertainment, etc. Because of the keen efforts and dedication of the people working in the media and the entertainment sector, our knowledge remains up to date and fresh. With the gained knowledge, we become more smart and outgoing. Many a times, we understand what is good and bad for us through the media programs. For example, the anti-tobacco and narcotic programs launched by the media, have benefited many people to date. The information conveyed about various diseases and their possible treatments has saved the lives of many of us. The contribution of mass media in the fields of arts, education, technology and health care is laudable. We also get the correct information about the various crimes and illegal activities happening in our surroundings quite easily. Media is a boon for youngsters in many ways. They get useful information related to their career and higher education mostly through the mass media. The mass media influence or the effects of mass media on the minds of the youth is significant.
Media plays a very important role in shaping the personality of people. It has been observed that citizens become more sensible and capable to shoulder their responsibility towards the nation and the society because of the media. We get our role models by hearing about the appreciation of their great deeds from the media itself. Over the years, mass media has played an important role in making people understand the meaning of democracy. We also come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the economy of our country, the population figures, the various problems faced by the nation, achievements of the nation in different sectors, through the prompt and precise reporting of different forms of media. Media plays an important role in building the sense of unity and pride among the people of the nation. In those countries where there are many castes, religions and languages spoken, media has even more tough responsibility of conveying the true news to the citizens. Media makes the citizens aware of their fundamental rights and their duties towards their families, state and the nation. Utility of the mass media in the areas of advertising and marketing is simply great. The effects of mass media are truly everlasting.
Though the positive mass media effects are many, there are some cons associated with the mass media. The news which is published without having bothered to check whether it is a fact or not, can create unnecessary confusion and extreme feelings among the common masses. There have been many instances of huge fights and controversies emerging, because of improper reporting.. It becomes the duty of media to provide only relevant and precise information to the masses.

Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the above mentioned information on the mass media effects. Over the years, the media has become an inseparable component of our daily lives and hence, it is its prime responsibility to keep the confidence of people alive by reporting only true details of any particular event.