III. Give English equivalents to the Russian words and phrases


По обучению устным разговорным темам

Для студентов 1 курса

Омск – 2002

Составитель И.Н. Кубышко, ст. преп. каф. ин. языков



I. Vocabulary list

1. to consist of - состоять из

2. to work as (an engineer) – работать (инженером)

3. to be fond of – любить, увлекаться

4. to serve in the Army – служить в армии

5. to have much work to do – иметь много работы

6. to retire on pension – выйти на пенсию

7. to keep house – вести дом. хозяйство

8. to take after smb. – быть похожим на кого-либо

9. to be married – быть женатым (замужем)

10. to be single – быть не женатым (не замужем)

11. a relative – родственник

12. experienced – опытный

13. elder, eldest – старший

14. younger, youngest – младший

15. at the age of – в возрасте

16. a first year student – первокурсник

17. rather – довольно

18. to enter – поступить (в учебное заведение)

19. to try – стараться, пытаться

20. plant – завод

21. turner - токарь

II. Text


My name is Vladimir. I am a first year student of the Omsk Technical University.

My family is rather large. My home town is Omsk, and my father is an engineer at one of the city’s plants. My father is not yet fifty. My mother is a teacher at one of the secondary schools of the city. She teaches Russian and Russian literature and is very fond of her work with the children.

My brother is three years older than I. He has served two years in the Army, and now he works at a plant as a turner. Next year Pavel is going to enter the evening department of the Technical University.

My sister Olga studies at school, she is in the 10th form. After finishing school she is going to enter the Pedagogical University. Olga is fond of music and plays the piano.

We have a grandmother. She keeps house and has much work to do during the day. We all try to help her.

We have many relatives. They live in Omsk and in other cities. They often come to see us at our place, or we go to see them.

III. Give English equivalents to the Russian words and phrases

1. выйти на пенсию

2. быть похожим на кого-либо

3. быть первокурсником

4. токарь

5. инженер

6. поступить на вечернее отделение

7. вести домашнее хозяйство

8. родственники

9. увлекаться чем-либо

10. иметь много работы

IV. Make up sentences

1. To be, I, a, student, first, year.

2. My, large, to be, family.

3. An, my, father, to be, engineer.

4. My, teacher, mother, to be.

5. My, retired, grandmother, year, last.

6. Sister, at, my, studies, school.

7. Brother, my, works, turner, as.

8. To have, relatives, we, many.

V. Answer the following questions

1. How large is your family?

2. How many persons does your family consist of?

3. What are you?

4. Have you any brothers or sisters?

5. What are your parents?

6. What are your brothers (sisters)?

7. Have you any grandparents?

8. Who keeps house in your family?

9. What is your hobby?

10. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

11. Have you many relatives?

12. Do you often go to see them?

VI. Speak about yourself



I. Vocabulary list

1. Technical University - технический университет

2. department - факультет

3. mechanical-engineering d. – механико–технологический факультет

4. machine-building d. – машиностроительный факультет

5. poligraphical d. – полиграфический факультет

6. automation d. – факультет автоматизации

7. electrical-engineering d. – электротехнический факультет

8. radio-engineering d. – радиотехнический факультет

9. faculty of refrigerating machines – факультет холодильных машин

10. faculty of automation installations – факультет автоматических установок

11. faculty of flight vehicles – факультет летательных аппаратов

12. faculty of humanity education – факультет гуманитарного образования

13. faculty of economical management – факультет экономики и управления

14. lecture hall – лекционный зал

15. drawing hall – чертежный зал

16. reading hall – читальный зал

17. workshop – мастерская

18. equip – оборудовать

19. equipment – оборудование

20. apparatus – аппарат

21. research – исследование

22. carry out experiment – проводить опыты

23. scientific society – научное общество

24. higher mathematics – высшая математика

25. strength of materials – сопромат

26. mechanics – механика

27. machine elements – детали машин

28. drawing – черчение

29. descriptive geometry – начертательная геометрия

30. mark – оценка

31. satisfactory – удовлетворительно

32. to take an examination – сдавать экзамен

33. to take a test – сдавать зачет

34. to pass an examination – сдать экзамен

35. to fail in an examination – не сдать экзамен

36. to enter the University – поступить в университет

37. to graduate from the University – окончить университет

38. to be in the first year – быть на 1 курсе

39. to be the first year student – быть первокурсником

40. to attend – посещать

41. to have classes – иметь занятия

42. to work hard – упорно работать

43. to take part in – принимать участие

44. to get a scholarship – получать стипендию

45. to train specialists – готовить специалистов

46. to deliver a lecture on – читать лекцию по …

47. to give classes – проводить занятия

48. to give labs – проводить лабораторные работы

49. term – семестр

II. Text


The Technical University is one of the biggest Higher Educational establishments in Omsk. It trains specialist for various branches of industry. It was founded in 1942. There was only one faculty at the University at that time. It was the mechanical – engineering faculty. The first 25 engineers graduated from this faculty in 1947.

Our University trains radio, electrical, polygraphical and mechanical engineers. It’s numerous laboratories for both teaching and research purposes are equipped with modern apparatus, tools and instrument to provide a high level of training.

There is a large library and a reading hall in the University where the students can get any necessary textbook on special subjects. In the reading hall one can get periodicals for reading. Reading and drawing – halls are also places where students prepare their hometasks.

The University teaching staff is large. There are more than seven hundred teachers, masters of science and professors who deliver lectures on different subjects and give classes to the students. The students attend lectures and classes according to the time – table. Besides, they have practice in the workshops and the laboratories.

The students study the following subjects: history, higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, descriptive geometry, machine elements, drawing, foreign languages and many others.

Twice a year students take examinations. Those who work hard at subjects during the term do not fail in the exams and pass them well, getting good and excellent marks.

There is a students scientific society at the University. Both first year students and those who are in the fourth or fifth years may join it and do research there.

Many students take an active part in the social work. They attend conferences, discuss books, plays and films, organize evening parties and amateur concert, go in for sports.

III. Give English equivalents to the Russian words and phrases

1. готовить специалистов

2. быть основным

3. факультет

4. оканчивать ВУЗ

5. многочисленный

6. исследовательский

7. периодическая печать

8. преподавательский состав

9. читать лекции

10. посещать лекции

11. сдавать экзамен

12. сдать экзамен

13. не сдать экзамен

14. студенческое научное общество

IV. Make up sentences

1. It, 1942, in, to be, found.

2. University, to train, our, specialists, different.

3. There, to be, library, a, University, in, the.

4. The, stuff, University, teaching, large, to be.

5. The, subjects, students, study, different.

6. Students, the, society, there, to be, a, scientific.

7. Many, social, students, to take part, an, part, active, in, work, University, at.